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Daystate Air Rifles

Daystate air rifles for sale from Leicestershire Airguns
We can supply the full range of Daystate pcp air rifles.

The Daystate was one of the first PCP air rifles available on a commercial basis and they are now one of the leading brands. Leicestershire Airguns are the Daystate Premier Partner for Leicestershire providing all your Daystate needs. We offer money saving Daystate package deals that allow you to make up your own Daystate packages just the way you want.

Daystate Price List

Daystate prices...

£789.99 Huntsman Regal
£1224.99 Wolverine 2 B type
£1324.99 Wolverine 2 Hi Lite
£1224.99 Wolverine 2 C type
£1824.99 Pulsar Laminate
£1579.99 Pulsar Synthetic
£1279.99 Renegade
£1379.99 Griffin
£1949.99 Tsar

Daystate Huntsman Regal

Daystate Huntsman Regal pre-charged air rifle

Daystate Huntsman Regal, elegant sporter stock pre-charged airgun.

The Huntsman Regal combines all the elements of a fine, traditional sporting air rifle in a lightweight, compact design that is a joy to shoulder, whether you are out in the hunting field or on the competition range.

Classic English styling complements beautifully-carved, Italian-crafted walnut woodwork which cradles a solidly engineered - yet remarkably lightweight - action. Despite its diminutive size, the Huntsman contains all the features airgun shooters have come to expect from a rifle that carries the famous Daystate logo.

Courtesy of its Harper patent slingshot hammer and titan valve system, the Huntsman is capable of performance levels which have never hitherto been achievable on a mechanically-driven PCP. This results in a much greater shot-count and even more efficient power delivery, with high- power versions of the Regal capable of a muzzle energies up to a 30 ft/lbs and Regal XL up to a staggering 40 ft/lbs.

Utilising some of the most advanced stock-making techniques available, the Huntsman incorporates a unique marriage of wood and metal, whereby its one-piece steel action is seated far lower than usual in the stock in order to mimic the handling and feel of a traditional hunting rifle.

Nothing has been left to chance on the Huntsman, from its fully-shrouded match-grade barrel to its solid breech block, which comes fitted with Daystate’s proven 10-shot rotary magazine. If you prefer not to auto-load, this can instantly be replaced with an optional single-shot tray that allows direct-to-barrel loading. The rifle has been fitted with a pressure gauge to clearly indicate the remaining air status, and re-charging is a quick and easy operation courtesy of the standard snap-fit filling system, neatly concealed behind a pull-off protective cover.

Daystate Huntsman Regal for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Huntsman Regal
Calibers:- .177 .22 and .20

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £789.99 (scope not included)

For more details or to order the Huntsman Regal - order online.

Order your new Daystate and save money with our Daystate Huntsman Regal package deals.

Daystate Wolverine 2 B type

Daystate Wolverine 2 B type pre-charged air rifle

The Daystate Wolverine was released in 2012 as a 303 calibre airgun. A year later the 12 and 30 foot pound versions were launched. Three years later an updated version of the Wolverine was seen at the January 2017 Shot show in Las Vegas. The B type Wolverine has a large capacity bottle giving a large shot count.

Daystate Wolverine 2 B type for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Wolverine 2 B type
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1224.99 (scope not included)

For more details or to order the Wolverine 2 B type - order online.

Daystate Wolverine 2 HiLite

Daystate Wolverine 2 HiLite pre-charged air rifle

The Daystate Wolverine 2 HiLite offers a high shot count without the weight penalty of a heavy bottle.

Daystate Wolverine 2 HiLite for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Wolverine 2 HiLite
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1324.99 (scope not included)

For more details or to order the Wolverine Hi Lite - order online.

Daystate Wolverine 2 C type

Daystate Wolverine 2 C type pre-charged air rifle

Developed over an unprecedented seven-year development program, the Wolverine2 was first launched in 2012 as a unique 303 calibre airgun with the 12 and 30 foot pound versions being launched a year later. Three years on Daystate, as is their normal practice, have refreshed the design and an updated Wolverine2 2 was shown to the trade for the first time at the January 2017 Shot show in Las Vegas alongside the Saxon Limited Edition.

Almost every part of the rifle has seen some small and subtle improvements over what has already proven to be a successful and reliable design. A new core valve assembly taken from the Pulsar and Renegade, which improves airflow for a much larger shot count as well as making the rifle easier to service. Changes to the breech block design gives a more family look - quite like the design used on the highly popular Daystate Pulsar. A completely new stock from stock maestro Gary Canes’ Techwood Design studio, surely the most famous airgun stock designer in the world - being the chief architect here, with some further input from the chief designer of Minelli. While they were about it the 3D butt pad used on the Pulsar was incorporated to add a new level of adjustability.

The latest Wolverine2 is slightly shorter than the original version and the centre of gravity moved rearwards for a better balance. Here, Daystate are making an already good design better as well as easier to shoot. Improvements incorporated into the latest batches of the match-grade German Walther barrel are included in the new rifle, with Daystates’ Tony Belas joking that barrel costs of their high end rifles are getting close to the total manufacturing cost of some of the more eastern airgun manufacturers. Accuracy on a Daystate rifle is always a given, but the Company are keen to build on this wherever possible.

In all a superb upgrade to a gun that was already a delight to shoot.

The Daystate Wolverine 2 C type has a cylinder in place of the bottle and is an altogether more elegant looking air rifle. The trade off is a smaller shot count but it is still reasonable at over 100 shots in .177.

Daystate Wolverine 2 C type for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Wolverine 2 C type
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1224.99 (scope not included)

For more details or to order the Wolverine 2 C type - order online.

Daystate Pulsar

Daystate Pulsar pre-charged air rifle with laminate stock

The Daystate Pulsar is the height of air rifle techonlogy. The PULSAR truly represents a new pinnacle in modern airgun engineering, Featuring Daystate’s patented Map Compensated Technology (MCT), essentially a digital regulator to control the rifle’s power, combined with a new electronics package developed for the PULSAR, the new rifle is feature rich; including such details as a built in laser sight, display information screen and multiple power settings.

The PULSAR features a revised version of the Harper Patent valve system for increased efficiency and high shot capacity from its 300cc aluminium air cylinder. Combined with our best-ever sound-moderating barrel shroud, the patented electronic system makes a PULSAR near silent in the field, though the moderator is equipped with a threaded adaptor to suit Daystate’s Airstream VI carbon-fibre silencer for extra suppression if required. A 10-shot, rotary magazine and solid alloy side-lever loading adds to a huge list of features.

The PULSAR stock is fully ambidextrous, even the cocking lever can be reversed and comes in a selection of choices of synthetic, walnut, or laminate finishes. The ballistic nylon forend also incorporates a useful 23mm picatinny front rail that allows the fitting of a tactical bipod and other accessories. The PULSAR is also one of the safest air rifles ever, with an unprecedented array of new safety systems. The Daystate Pulsar is vailable with a laminate or synthetic stock.

Welcome to the PULSAR, simply the most advanced hunting rifle in the world.

Daystate Pulsar laminate for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Pulsar Laminate
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1824.99 (scope not included)

For more details or to order the Daystate Pulsar Laminate - order online.

Daystate Pulsar Synthetic

Daystate Pulsar PCP air rifle with synthetic stock

The Daystate Pulsar is also alailable with a synthetic stock.

Welcome to the PULSAR, simply the most advanced hunting rifle in the world.

Daystate Pulsar synthetic for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Pulsar Synthetic
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1579.99 (scope not included)

For more details or to order the Daystate Pulsar Synthetic - order online.

Daystate Renegade

Daystate Renegade pre-charged air rifle

The Daystate Renegade.... It may share a resemblance to Daystate’s beautifully styled Pulsar flagship precharged pneumatic. but the all new Renegade is distinguishable by a secret hidden deep within its synthetic stock: its precharged action is mechanically driven!

In place of an electronic GCU [Gun Control Unit] and map-compensated firing cycle, the heart of the Renegade beats around the mechanical Harper-patented Slingshot Hammer system. as fitted to its popular Wolverine and Regal siblings. The result is an all new rifle that shares many of the features equipped on the revolutionary Pulsar, but without all the computerised complexity and expense.

Yet the Renegade is itself not devoid of ground-breaking features, not least it's Hybrid Trigger Unit [HTU). Historically, the bullpup design has delivered limitations with the trigger release due to the more forward location requiring inefficient levers that are detrimental to a good feel. With the electronic Pulsar, this problem was overcome. And Daystate has now extended its know-how to develop a hybrid electronic/mechanical trigger for the Renegade - the first system of its kind to be seen on a high-powered PCP air rifle, and marking an end to the age-old problem of a poor trigger let-off for mechanically-driven bullpups.

Daystate Renegade for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Renegade
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1279.99 (scope not included)

Daystate Griffin

Daystate Griffin

The Griffin is Daystate’s first fully mechanical target rifle for a number of years. The original Griffin SE responds to popular demand for a more target focused version of our Regal, which can also be used in the field with its 10 shot magazine. Now the production version uses lessons learned for the SE to produce an equally stunning looking rifle but with some useful enhancements such as a quieter Huggett moderator as standard and a quick adjustable palm rest.

Daystate Griffin for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Griffin
Calibers:- .177 and .22

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1379.99 (scope not included)

Daystate Tsar

Daystate Tsar pre-charged air rifle

The Daystate Tsar is perhaps the ultimate in field target hardware, the newly-released Daystate Tsar is a match-ready, full-on FT rifle developed in collaboration with top Russian match-shooting partnership, Ataman/Demyan. It continues Daystate’s rich legacy of match-winning FT models for shooters who compete at the highest national and international level of airgunning’s most challenging outdoor target shooting discipline.

Uncompromising in every area of its highly-sophisticated action, the Tsar includes features like a five-level adjustable, multi-sear trigger system that is controlled by a multi-adjustable blade, and a high-precision, match-grade stainless steel Lothar Walther barrel. Its sidelever cocking system also allows for dry-firing practice, where you can fine-tune your trigger technique without actually firing off a shot.

Designed to maximise shooter control, the stock that cradles the Tsar’s action is every bit as state of the art. Constructed in laminate to eliminate any stresses imparted between wood and metalwork during the rifle’s charge cycle, its thumbhole design is crafted with both form and function in mind. Boasting an array of multi-adjustable features, including its anatomical grip/palm rest, cheekpiece and butt pad to achieve a tailor-made gunfit, every conceivable benefit is brought to the shooter, whether faced with a sitting, prone, kneeling or standing shot.

The Tsar is designed and built without compromise to be an unashamed trophy winning machine.

Daystate Tsar for sale

Make:- Daystate
Model:- Tsar
Calibers:- .177

Currency:- GBP
Price:- Our price £1949.99 (scope not included)

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